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Jon Handler, Columbus Ohio JON HANDLER
Jonathan Handler is the owner/partner at SMD/HLS Bonding Company. Originally from Columbus, OH, Jon graduated from Bexley High School and went on to obtain his bachelor of arts from the University of Kansas where he graduated with a degree in Psychology. Jon is a 3rd generation owner and grandson of founder Dave Handler. He is a proud and active member of The Ohio State Bail Agents Association. Jon resides in Gahanna with his wife and daughter
Jon Fox, Columbus Ohio JOHN FOX
John Fox has been in the surety business for 13 years and is a second generation bondsman. He is the son of Lowell Fox who has been active in the bail bond industry since 1971. John is a graduate of Westerville North High School, class of 1994. Has expert skills of the industry which help him excel in his profession. John is actively involved in the business 24 hrs a day. John was an employee of SMD HLS for 9 years before becoming the current owner/partner for 4 years ago. John also holds his property and casualty license which would allow him to be involved in numerous other fields of the insurance profession such as underwriting auto, homeowners and even business insurance. John prides himself on being available for clients at all times of the day to assist with any question they may have about a Bailbond. He strives to be professional, courteous and respectful to all clients. No bond is too big or too small, and he is available to post your bond in all courts day or night.


Sam English, Columbus Ohio

Sam English (1919-1988)

Sam English is nationally recognized and is one of the most respected name in the industry. Sam English, originally from Georgia, started his bonding career in the late '60s and was an employee of SMD Bonding Co for several years before becoming owner/partner and forming SMD & HLS Bonding Co in 1982. Sam's son, Michael English, is an active bail agent for the company and has held his bonding license for 30 years

Lowell Fox, Columbus Ohio

Lowell Fox

Lowell Fox worked for the Franklin county clerk of courts for several years before becoming a bail agent for SMD Bonding Co in 1971. Lowell become owner/partner and formed SMD & HLS Bonding Co in 1982. Lowell is the father of bail agent John Fox. Lowell is still active in the Bailbond industry on a daily basis.


Sam English, Columbus Ohio

Michael English

Michael English, the son of one of the previous owners Sam English, has been in the bail bond profession for nearly 30 years and has been a full time employee with HLS his entire career. Michael was in the military prior to becoming a bail agent. Michael and his father are nationally recognized in the profession.

Bill Tittle

Bill Tittle is a former Columbus police officer and retired after 28 years. He has been a licensed bondsman for over 12 years and is married to Joann Tittle, who is also a licensed agent. Both have worked full-time for HLS bonding since receiving there bail bond licenses.

Joann Tittle

Joann tittle is the office manager of HLS Bonding Co.

William Tittle, Jr.

William Tittle, Jr. is the son of William and Joann tittle and works full time for HLS Bonding Co. He previously worked for the Heath police department before becoming a bail agent. Bill also carries a private investigator license and holds a property and casualty insurance license.

Karen Goodrich

Karen Goodrich has been a full time employee of HLS bonding for 22 years. Formerly she served as a radio dispatcher for the police department. Her son fought in the war in Afghanistan and is currently at home Karen’s daughter-in-law is also a full time employee of HLS Bonding Co.

Craig George

Craig George has been in the bail bond industry for 6 years and is retired from the franklin county municipal clerk of courts after 26 years.

Richard Hoffman

Richard Hoffman had been a full-time employee for HLS Bonding Co. for over 20 years and was previously a Perry Township police officer before retiring.

Hanna Nance

Hannah Nance is the daughter-in-law of Karen Goodrich and just recently started with HLS Bonding Co. As well as getting her bail bond license, Hannah works full-time for HLS, performing multiple office tasks and data entry work

Mike Hatzo

Michael Hatzo has been a licensed bondsman for 6 years and works full time for HLS Bonding Co. He retired from the Westerville police department after 30 years on the force, retiring as a Sargent. Michael also worked the streets and as a detective. Michael also has a private investigators license through the State of Ohio

Rick Anderson

Rick Anderson has worked for HLS Bonding Co. for 16 years and does recovery work for the company. He works full time and carries a private investigator license. He was previously a Columbus police officer before retiring to come work for HLS Bonding Co.

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